Have you just bought a new car ? Don’t pay dealership prices !!!

CPP-Protective coatings on the gold coast has reached out to all the major protection dealers to buy directly to save you Hundreds and possibly thousands on protection packages. Our professional team members have been trained with Gtechniq Great Britain .

Some of the feedback we have got using our ceramic coatings are : How much gloss and shine after the application , I can really feel the coating on top the paint , The water just bead straight off , and most say its so easy to clean now . Ceramic paint protection has taken the detailing industry by storm , Everyone wants a coating and I don’t blame them , Best shine , Heat resistant up to 1200c , Chemical Resistant and Scratch resistant just to name a few .

Protect your car from Fading , Discolouring , Clearcoat peeling and more

Have you ever decided not to get protection on your vehicle and 1 -3 years down the track wish you did ? Well now because can beat dealerships by up to 75% theres no reason not to protect your investment , This 2019 Holden Commodore RS V6 above just got the Crystal Serum coating and as you can see looks amazing .