The Car Detailing Experts

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About Us

Our trading name is Gc Splash and Shine and we drive to be one of the biggest and most trusted companies in the car detailing industry here on the Gold Coast.

All of our car detailing staff have over 10 years experience in paint finishing , Paint protection and even custom restoration .Restore your car to perfection with our leather care, Ceramic paint and fabric protection, machine polishing , paint correction, engine cleaning and car detailing.

Our incredible headlight restoration process will bring back the look of any car . Wheel and Mag Protection is perfect for show cars and even daily cars. Lets have your car looking its best this week .

Auto car detailing is no ordinary job. It needs a comprehensive understanding of what solutions work out for different surfaces, textures, and even colours. . Car detailing requires advanced technology so we import our high quality car detailing products directly from U.S.A. All of our products are OEM approved products to ensure your car gets the care it deserves .

We like to think we are the best car detailing¬† service on the Gold Coast that really cares for your cars , trucks , bus’s or motorbikes .

We can perfect any painted surface with our polishing

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